CollegeHumor & Adaptive Studios Team On Mockumentary Music Biz Series ‘Downbeat’

“We’ve seen mockumentary-style TV shows about a collective of people: The Office, Modern Family, Parks and Rec. We’ve seen them parody a genre in American Vandal, or many genres in the case of Documentary Now. More rare, though, is the mockumentary that peels back the layers of a single character in each episode–a scripted comedy that actually feels like a blink-and-you-miss-the-magic “slice of life,” said Graham-Wallace.

The New Yorker- Best of 2018 How Snap Originals Beat Facebook and Instagram

"As long as critics are lifting their year-end songs of praise, I’d like to propose that the most formally inventive episode of television in 2018 was the fifth installment of “Co-Ed,” which consists of one long scene of a young woman silently sitting with her phone."

Variety - Amazon’s IMDb Launches Original Series ‘UnMade’ About Comedians’ Rejected Hollywood Pitches

"IMDb, the Amazon-owned entertainment database, has premiered its latest original show: “UnMade,” featuring Rainn Wilson, Nick Cannon, Kristen Schaal, Reggie Watts and other comedians discussing early pet projects that were never produced, until now — sort of." -

MarketWatch - This New Show Aims To Be The Jackass of Student Debt

"The premise of the show is to use extreme stunts to help speed up that process of repaying student debt. For each task O’Brien and Beardsley successfully complete, they receive a certain amount of money towards their loans. The sum starts at $500 and increases, ultimately hitting $10,000 in the final episode." -


The Hollywood Reporter- Icarus Wins Best Documentary Feature

"As far as documentary filmmaking is changing, Fogel is at the forefront. He made history last year as the first feature Oscar winner for Netflix." -Ariston Anderson   

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